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ZAIREEKA from Flaming Lips is their experimental release from 1997. It consists of 4 CDs that can be played in any combination, though it is best heard when you play all 4 CDs at the same time. Yes, that requires 4 CD players/amps and a minimum of 8 speakers to achieve the full effect, but believe me, it is well worth it. Grab your friends and plan a gathering.

Do not think of ZAIREEKA as an audiophile recording by any means. This is truly an experiment, where the result of music in and out of phase can create disorientation and confusion in the listener. You see, 4 CD players, no matter if they are the same brand, will not play at exactly the same speed. This shift alone makes ZAIREEKA most intoxicating. This experiment works. Dig it. Four Stars from Rolling Stone.

Limited Edition. 4CDs. $24.98 list. Released October 1997.

BACK IN STOCK. Ask around.

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